Amateur water service repair.
We think that water will come out if you twist the faucet usually without thinking anything and we think that sewage treatment will be done through the drain pipe through the drain pipe, but when that system is damaged, let’s repair the water supply Even as amateurs can not easily get it.
It is also convincing to frequently see television commercials of famous exercise gymnasts and famous ex-base baseball players as water repair companies.
However, it is also water repair that surprisingly surprised when asked.
If you try to keep self maintenance from everyday, you do not need to waste money, so I’d like to take a little effort.
First of all, although it is a drain pipe, hair tends to clog here, so flow solvent to dissolve these regularly.
I also hear a smiley story that there is a person shedding disposable diapers and contraceptive devices in the toilet, but of course it is not water soluble so I definitely clog the drain pipe so I will not flush it.
Should the drain pipe be clogged by any chance, it can be removed by the home center because it sells special tools with brushes on the tip of the wire.

Something that can not be done by self maintenance is degradation of packing of faucet. Since this is also in the home center, we will go buy it after measuring the shape and size of the faucet.
You should also have one large pliers.
In addition to packing repair of faucets as well as water repair and other repair related in household, it can be used for general, so it will crush.
It is needless to say that when actually repairing, it is necessary to shut off the water flow by closing valves of the water supply outside the room.