Personal Loans for Dentists

Personal credit for dentists?

Personal credit for dentists?

Does anyone know where to find it? Many people have always dreamed of a dental career, but when they put all the costs on the tip of the pencil, many are also the ones who give up. The college itself already has one of the most expensive monthly payments, in addition, it is necessary to purchase materials and books at well salted prices. If you managed to survive all of this and graduated from college as a dentist, congratulations! But that does not mean things will be easier now, will not they?

After graduating, the dentist still faces another dilemma: either he will work as a clerk in a clinic and often receive a smaller salary than he desires, or he will open his own practice where he can form his clientele and earn a good salary bigger. The problem is that to set up an office requires a very high investment with renting rooms, buying equipment and hiring labor as a secretary and a prosthetic, for example.

And since it is not everyone who has access to so much money, the financial sector has seen in the dental segment the opportunity to create a new type of product: personal credit for dentists. Through this personal credit for dentists, it is possible to acquire equipment, expand the physical space of the office or hire new employees. This type of targeted product, in general, presents payment conditions and interest more satisfactory than other normal lines of credit.

In addition to banks and financial institutions, dentists can also seek credit through Goser – Federal Government Income Generation Program that benefits individuals and corporations seeking capital to open or expand their business. In the case of Goser, the amount financed may reach R $ 80,000, or the equivalent of 90% of the project that must be submitted for approval. The payment term can reach 96 months, with a grace period of up to 12 months to start paying.

The interest of Goser is around 4% per year plus a long-term interest rate, which is around 6.25% per year. In general, Goser’s interest rates are much lower than those offered by financial institutions, but you should always research all options and compare all the proposals in order to decide the best in terms of payment terms, interest and coverage of the amount financed.

An excellent tip for you, the dentist, to get credit is to write a very detailed Business Plan, collecting all the costs necessary to achieve your goal, be it to open an office or just buy a device for your existing office.

It is also important that you inform the financial return you expect to have as a result of the project, the increase in clients served, or the increase in your range of services offered. If you do not know how to write a Business Plan, look for a Business Consultant, he will give you all the necessary guidance to guarantee personal credit for trained dentists and trainees!