Loan with pre-dated checks, cash on the spot!

Do you have a checkbook? Is the name clear? Need quick and easy credit? One of the most common ways currently to obtain personal cash credit, is to make a loan with pre-dated checks, the payment of the installments is done with the sheets of your check stub, of course. Various credit finance companies make this type of loan, which by the way is an immediate loan, very easy to apply if you want quick cash without too much red tape to do what you want.

Checking loans is one of the most democratic lines. Its approval covers both graduate and salaried clients, professionals, federal, state and municipal public servants, low-income self-employed, military, medical, lawyers, construction workers, janitors etc., this type of financial transaction with pre-dated check have grown a lot as an alternative to balance the finances of the household budget in case of a momentary emergency.

Generally, financial companies do not require information about the destination of the financial resource, which is usually used to pay debts or possible extra expenses, repair the vehicle, settle unexpected traffic tickets or even health cases.

The good thing about the loan with a check is that you do not have to shell out any amount in the time to get it, that way there will be no commitment of the expenses within a period, in some financial the loan with pre-dated check, the first installment can be paid in 45 or 60 days grace period. 

Depending on the interest you find, it may be very interesting to apply for a pre-dated check loan and, with the cash in hand, discharge outstanding bills from the credit card, pay off debts acquired through the use of your bank’s overdraft which increase day by day or late credit cards.

Financial institutions that loan with checks

Financial institutions that loan with checks

Financieros: Personal Credit with pre-dated check, borrowed money fast and easy to be used in the way the contractor wants. The payment of the installments are fixed and with check up to 24 times.

Besides the facilities of using checks, you can still count on quick and easy money aligned with the convenience of the debit in account, to contract the loan of the BV look for a nearest correspondent, take your RG, CPF, Proof of Income and Proof of Residence.

Bank Criquo: Personal loan with check with maturities of 16 to 18 times, competes to R $ 10,000.00 and last installment free. Update: Bank Criquo closed its activities in June / 2017

Credicard: Personal Credit with check as guarantee, Up to 45 days to pay the 1st installment. Update: No more credicard loan with check, loans are only released through the credit cards available on the official website and in banks, financial and convenience stores such as Marisa, Serner, Riachuelo and where you can request your credit

Denbank: For those who have checkbooks, you can use the sheets as collateral, the Denbank check loan offers the lowest interest rates and the best credit limits. If you have a check, you can use it as a guarantee, so your credit will have more advantages.

With the guarantee of the check your limit of hiring can be up to R $ 10,000.00. You do not have to worry about paying the installment, Ibi will be responsible for paying the installment with the discount of the check delivered at the time of hiring. You can install your loan up to 24 times and still choose the best payment date with up to 45 days to maturity of the first installment.

Serner: Personal loan with check Serner, request the amount of up to R $ 3,600.00, choose the number of installments that you want to pay up to 12 times, in this type of personal loan is quick and you already leave with the money on time. To make the payment, you will receive a card with the number and value of the parcels.

Marisa: “GET IT IN THE HAND” personal loan with check, credit without bureaucracy, simple, fast and easy.
Panyro: Personal credit with check with installments up to 24 times the same on the check. Up to 60 days to pay the 1st installment.

More about Check Loans

The loan on the check can usually be done with the average installment between 3 and 24 months in the stores that carry out this operation. But, remember, when you take out the loan, first analyze what interest rate you will pay to not overcommit your income.

The amounts for loan with check can vary between R $ 300 and R $ 20,000 thousand, depending on the client’s commitment power and credit history. To get money back with your check guarantee, visit one of these companies and find out more information that can help you.