Loan with current account debt immediate release

Loan with current account debit

Loan with current account debit, the demand for this mode lately have increased greatly, in this type of credit, the release is not as uncomplicated as certain types of loans. The target is the retirees and pensioners of the social security, state, municipal and federal employees who have no more margin for payroll deduction, as well as employees of private companies, even with restrictions and self-employed who prove bank movement.

This type of loan is not one of the most flexible in the market, the current account loan although it is a financial aid, it is not one of the cheapest credit solutions in the market, on the contrary it has very salty interests, large number of people who are unable to obtain a personal loan, payroll deductible credit or no credit limit, because they have no assignable margin or are no longer able to hire a personal credit with a pre-dated check or because they have the name in the protective organs.

Debt Loan – where to do it?

Debt Loan - where to do it?

The mode of loan with current account debit is not a more flexible market, even though it is not the solution with interest cheaper and easier to obtain, the modality can meet hundreds of customers who are unable to make a paycheck loan or personal credit conventional, for not more consignable margin, can not do trading with checks or are constrained by the SPC and Serasa.

Companies that offer the loan with current account debit make the release of the credit in a little more bureaucratic but safe way, usually the same day release if the documentation is all okay, of course. The contacted resource is deposited in the customer’s bank account without having to pay any kind of administrative fee or advance insurance. The value of the installments are automatically debited from the checking account on the day of your payment, to pick up this type of loan, in some lenders the client have to sign promissory notes.

Generally, the presentation of the RG and CPF, proof of address, last or last three counter-checks (Holerites), current account statement of the last 30 (thirty) days are required. It releases up to 2 or 3 times the value of income (proceeds), the level of indebtedness is very high in this modality.

Loan in Current Account for Legal Entity

Companies also have access to this special line of credit, the purpose is to supply a possible provision or reinforcement of the balance of deposits in the current account of legal entities (companies).

Usually the person who grants the ” current account credit ” is the bank that the company makes its financial transactions, to access the loan, the companies have to be registered with the institution, can not have financial restrictions. The maximum limit varies from bank to bank, the average is around R $ 9,900 to R $ 20,000 for medium-sized companies.

Term loan with bank account debit

Term loan with bank account debit

The deadlines are also variable, with a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 180/360 days, it is possible to be requested some type of guarantee with mortgage, fiduciary alienation, pledge, in addition it is mandatory the guarantee of at least two partners or according to the social contract and endorsement of third parties. The charges are interest, IOF, TAC and additional fees.